Word list

This list explains what the bold words in this document mean.

A person thinking.


Your attitudes are what you think, feel and believe.

A document that says 'Resume' with a person on it.

CV or resume

A CV or resume is a document that lists your:

  • work experience
  • education
  • skills.

A participant and a support worker having a conversation. The participant is writing on a document.


When you interview someone, you ask questions about their work experience.

A document that says 'Job ad'. It has a list, a phone icon and an email icon on it.

Job ad

A job ad shares information about a job for workers to find.

It includes information about:

  • what the job is
  • how to contact you, like a phone number or email.

A document that says 'Job' with a list on it.

Job description

A job description gives information about a job that you want someone to do.

It explains:

  • the job
  • what skills the right worker needs
  • how many hours a week you want them to work.

A group of participants pointing at themselves with their other hands raised.


Participants are people with disability who take part in the NDIS.

A referee supporting a support worker.


Referees are people who can tell you about the worker before you decide to hire them.

A document called 'Service agreement' with a handshake icon on it.

Service agreement

A service agreement is a written agreement between you and your worker.

It explains:

  • what supports you’ll use
  • how your worker will give you those supports
  • how much the supports cost.