Choose a worker to meet

2 support workers. One of them is pointing at themselves and the other support worker has their hand raised.

You might have more than one worker contact you about the job.

A participant and a support worker shaking hands.

You can ask to meet them before you choose which one you want to hire.

A participant using a laptop and looking at a document.

But first, you should check their CV or resume.

And make sure the worker has the right:

  • skills and experience
  • things they need to have, for example a car.

A person giving 2 thumbs down.

If you don’t think they’ll be right for the job, you don’t have to meet them.

A participant making a choice between 2 support workers. They are pointing at one of the support workers.

You can also download our tool to help you choose which workers to meet.

A website icon.

You can find this tool on our website.

A participant and a support worker having a conversation. Above the participant is a question mark in a speech bubble.

You can ask workers different questions when you meet them.

This can help you find out if they’re right for the job.

A document with a list of questions on it.

We’ve included some questions you can ask.

Meeting the workers

A support worker cutting vegetables.

You can ask the worker to do a small part of the job to see how they do it.

For example, cook a meal.

A referee supporting a support worker.

You can ask to check their referees.

Referees are people who can tell you about the worker before you decide to hire them.

A participant and a support worker having a conversation. The participant is writing on a document.

You can also interview the worker.

When you interview someone, you ask questions about their work experience.

A participant and a support worker smiling and eating ice cream together.

You might find more than one person who can do the job well.

It’s usually better to choose a worker that you:

  • get along with
  • find it easy to communicate with.

A website icon.

We have more tips about how to choose a worker and interview someone on our website.