Create a job description

A document that says 'Job' with a list on it.

If you’re hiring a support worker, the first thing you can do is create a job description.

A document with an information icon on it.

A job description gives information about a job that you want someone to do.

It explains:

A person using a laptop and writing on a document.

  • the job

A light bulb, a speech bubble and a computer.

  • what skills the right worker needs

A person supporting a participant.

  • what supports they need to give.

A document with a tool icon on it. Under the tool icon is a section to fill out.

We made the Position Description Tool to help you create a job description.

A website icon.

You can find the Position Description Tool on our website.

A document with a list of questions on it.

We also have some questions to help you create a job description.

You can think about:

  • all of the questions
  • some of the questions.

Questions to help you create a job description

A support worker cutting vegetables.

What are the main tasks your worker needs to do?

For example, cook lunch.

A support worker cooking in a kitchen.

What skills and attitudes does your worker need to have?

For example, they enjoy cooking.

A person thinking.

Your attitudes are what you think, feel and believe.

2 people thinking.

We have resources about what skills and attitudes workers need to give different supports.

A website icon.

You can find these resources on our website.

A participant and a support worker smiling in a garden nursery.

Are there any hobbies you would like your worker to share with you?

For example, gardening.

A clock and the word 'Start'.

Is there anything the worker must know?

For example, a time you always want them to start.

A calendar with a clock on it.

How many hours will they work a week?

A calendar with different days highlighted.

Can they work at different times each week?

A money icon.

How much does the job pay?

2 support workers looking at a document together.

Will there be other workers doing the job with them?