Create a job ad

A participant using a laptop.

After you create a job description, you can turn it into a job ad.

A document that says 'Job ad'. It has a list, a phone icon and an email icon on it.

A job ad shares information about a job for workers to find.

It includes information about:

  • what the job is
  • how to contact you to apply.

A participant using a phone.

We made a tool to help you create a job ad.

A website icon.

You can find the job ad tool on our website.

A document that says 'Job ad' with a list on it.

We also have a list of what to include in your job ad.

What to include in your job ad

A participant using a laptop.

You should include the job name in your job ad.

For example, disability support worker.

You should include:

A support worker cooking in a kitchen.

  • the main job the worker will be doing, for example cooking lunch

A calendar with a clock on it.

  • how many hours they’ll work each week

A money icon.

  • how much they’ll get paid.

A house and a location icon.

You should include where the work will be.

This helps workers know how far they will travel.

A support worker helping a participant in a wheelchair to get into an accessible van.

You should include anything the worker needs to have.

This could be:

  • a car
  • a skill or attitude.

A group of people from different backgrounds.

You could encourage people from different backgrounds to contact you about the job.

You should include:

A participant smiling and pointing at themselves.

  • something about yourself, such as what you like to do

A support worker having a phone call.

  • how the worker should contact you if they’re interested.

A document that says 'Resume' with a person on it.

For example, you could include your email address and say:

‘Please send an email telling me about yourself, with your CV or resume.’

A CV or resume is a document that lists your:

2 people using a computer together.

  • work experience

A person at a desk in a classroom.

  • education

A light bulb, a speech bubble and a computer.

  • skills.

Where to put your job ad

A participant using an iPad.

It’s a good idea to put your job ad where support workers can find it.

You can share your job ad:

A computer with a document that says 'Job ad' on the screen.

  • online

A notice board with posters on it.

  • around your neighbourhood.

A participant using a laptop.

You can search the internet for places to share your job ad online.

For example, you can share your job ad on:

A phone with social media icons on it. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • social media

A computer with 2 people on the screen.

  • disability support websites.

2 people shaking hands outside a house.

You can give your job ad to people you already know, such as:

  • community members
  • neighbours.

A notice board with posters on it.

Some shopping centres and community spaces have places you can share job ads.

You can ask someone who works there if you can put up your job ad.